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“A trip to Alaska was for me, the true trip of a lifetime and something that had been on my “bucket list” for years. The vastness and enormity of the state somehow always deterred me from putting the trip together……too much to see, too much to do and not enough time to put in all the preparation the state truly deserved. I sifted through the internet, guidebooks, and testimonials and somehow came across Matt and his website. An initial email led to an initial phone conversation and we were on our way……I could tell instantly this was not another “cookie-cutter” tour group offering me their pre-packaged and “canned” services. Matt intensely listened to me and my requests. He tailored my trip to exactly everything I dreamed of, taking care of the littlest details right down to most involved adventures – never once steering me in a wrong direction or pushing me one way or another. He figured out what I was looking for and offered informed suggestions that he thought would be a better fit. He was organized, informative and accurate with his details. But, the thing that truly separates Matt’s services above all else was the personal nature with which he treats his clients. Working in a service-oriented business, I could tell immediately he “got the joke.” Matt took it upon himself to follow-up on things without me asking, ridding me of all the minutia that accompanies a “bucket list” trip like the one we came to agree upon. He was there to greet me when I arrived….we shared stories and more than a few laughs. I even got a chance to meet his family! When we put the final trip together and Matt mailed me my personalized itinerary, schedule,, maps etc., I remember him telling me to “not do too much.” To “enjoy the state in the right way” and that I would definitely ”be back.” Well, he was right….I cannot wait to come back and experience the overwhelming natural beauty and ruggedness of Alaska. My new “bucket list” trip is bringing my two boys and share the life-changing experience with them and to shake my FRIEND Matt’s hand and thank him again…Service is truly a “lost art” but, Matt has definitely found it…..

Planning a trip to Alaska can be quite intimidating without a little help from someone local. Matt from AskMatt.Com is the local guy with all of the knowledge. Right from the start he was very amiable (it came through in his emails and during our phone conversations). He is efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable. Matt goes above and beyond in assisting you with your perfect Alaskan vacation. He matches the trip to your needs and budget and sends you wonderful itineraries and photos with links. For our upcoming trip this June he is even putting together an Alaskan tackle box to pick up upon our arrival in Anchorage. Matt was referred to me through a travel guide and an Alaskan lodge manager. I was relieved when I made contact with him because the only other agents I had found worked solely with their own tours. Matt will book anywhere for you. He made a difficult job easy and fun! You won’t regret contacting Matt for all of your Alaskan travel needs! As I said he makes it personal! 
Renée Naples, FL

When I began to plan our 2009 summer vacation in Alaska for our family of six, I was bewildered. Too much information, too many questions and too few answers. How to plan our route? Where to stay? What were the best activities? In such a vast state, how could I begin to narrow down our options? We'd already learned the hard way that we could lose precious vacation time and dollars on driving too far and booking disappointing activities in unfamiliar territory. When I came upon Matt Lowe's Alaska travel planning service, I was cautious. Would he be charging us higher fees? Would he steer us toward his own "sweetheart" outfits without regard to our preferences? All my concerns were allayed after I spoke with him. I described our family, the ages of our kids, the types of activities we loved, and the budget for our trip. Matt went to work immediately and produced a multitude of options. Together we sifted through them. He answered all my questions and helped plot our itinerary.Matt booked our hotels and lodges, our rental car (don't even begin to try that one on your own,) our fishing expeditions and our kayaking trip. He got us a bargain price at the best hidden fishing lodge we'd ever encountered. He steered us toward a glittering resort hotel for one portion of the trip, and toward a homey, rustic lodge on the banks of the Russian River where the resident grandmother bakes breakfast pastries for guests at 4 a.m. He told us where not to stay. ("It's dreary and it rains all the time!" He was right.) He waved red flags at me when I wanted to take my too-young kids on a too-daring white water rafting trip. He pointed out the value of a private tour of Prince William Sound over the much shorter and crowded tours on the big tour boats. (We got a personal hiking tour of a fishery and grilled steaks from the back of the boat on that one.) He kept us away from the hordes of cruise ship tourists who flood certain towns and hotels. He agreed with me when a pack trip was overpriced and found us alternative plans. As for the price ... we never paid a dime more than we would have by booking it ourselves. When a fishing outfit wanted to charge us extra to book through Matt's travel service, Matt refused to allow them to do it and waived his own fee. We paid the same rate we would have to book it ourselves, and shipped home 80 pounds of silver salmon filets to boot. If you're planning a trip to Alaska, put Matt Lowe on speed dial. You'll be glad you did. 
Diane B.


“I can continue to rely on what has become to me your invaluable assistance in arranging every element of our visits from arrival to departure and everything in between. Your knowledge of what is available throughout Alaska and your total attention to detail have made all our trips some of the most memorable ones we have taken anywhere in the world. Over the last thirteen years, the annual fishing trips we have sponsored for our clients have provided tremendous benefit in developing real and lasting personal relationships with senior executives from our clients. Without exception, everyone of our clients and our staff have commented favorably on what a tremendous help you were in making their Alaska experience one they will never forget. In fact, I am aware that many of these same people have contacted you directly at a latter date for help in trips of their own and again received the same level of support I have grown to appreciate. To me, the greatest compliment I could possibly provide is that through you help, support, and going the extra mile in so many instances, I have had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate you and am most happy to be able to now consider you a very good and valued friend.” 
Jeff-Worley Parsons